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Widget Zero contact

C ontactless check-in system: an innovation to avoid viral or bacteriological contamination. Delivery drivers, reception, yard and security staff are at risk of viral and bacteriological contamination. So are the products handled or stored. It’s not always easy to implement distancing and protection measures as they can be cumbersome, expensive and sometimes ineffective or even … Read more

Widget Photo

D igital Logistic Services brings out its Widgets collection! Our DLS Photo widget offers a useful extension of our digital solution to help you strengthen your vehicle checks, some of which are compulsory. The sensors are small and hardly noticeable. They can be fitted next to gates or access points, in front of truck cabs or facing the back … Read more

Make-over for driver check-in kiosks

Over the past months we’ve been busy designing and integrating some new software for our check-in kiosk. Seamlessly integrated with the SaaS platform, it is easy to deploy and works intensively while remaining stable. And setting it up is easier than any other system. No longer do you have to deal with embedded programs or … Read more