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Software and hardware working together harmoniously

The hardware building blocks are designed to collect data at key stages of the truck routes. We carefully select the best technology that can be tailored to your exact requirements. This equipment is seamlessly integrated into a central processing system to provide real-time tracking of activities and events.

Kiosk and document scanner

User-friendly and accurate

This touchscreen kiosk has been especially designed for indoor use (outdoor use optional). Its design is user-friendly, with a highly sensitive touchscreen ideal for entering information without any hassle.

Truck drivers can easily check in and use the kiosk’s convenient document tray when using the scanner (optional: an optical arm mounted on the top of the terminal).

The kiosk’s front opening allows for easy access integrated equipment.

Its design makes it straightforward to install integrated devices such as a thermal printer, QR-code scanner, intercom etc.

The kiosk is free-standing for greater stability and durability.

Display solution :

19″ projected capacitive touchscreen, high brightness, vandal-proof faceplate.

Specification :

Height 1 828mm, width 519mm, depth up to 350mm (depending on integrated devices), weight 80kg approx.

Type :

Indoor & outdoor touchscreen kiosk

Options :

Wi-Fi, printer, optical sensor, QR-code scanner

Installation :

4 point ground bolting.


Rugged and user-friendly

This rugged and easy-to-use smartphone fits easily in the hand. It is equipped with an enhanced screen for use in full sunlight.

Shock and drop proof, this handheld solution is designed for high-intensity use in harsh conditions. It is also able to function in a variety of temperatures ranging from -30oC to 55oC.

Display solution :

4.7 inch high brightness screen, HD 720 IPS, automatic detection of wet fingers/gloves.

Specification :

30h autonomy, 8 PM camera, nano SIM, GPS, 2 Go RAM

Type :

OS Android Smartphone – IP68 – waterproof, dustproof

Weight :

200 grams

Networks :

2G/3G/4G,Wifi, Bluetooth

Loading dock sensor

Real-time detection and alerts

Sensing solutions at loading docks can detect vehicle movements and indicate if a bay is vacant or occupied.

Presence sensors using infra-red and laser-based technology offer key advantages: distance settings for dectecting a body or a mass, no interference from surrounding electromagnetic waves, and little hardware to install.

Each bay becomes a connected device in itself when fitted with a presence detector.

The system alerts staff about inventory status and thus improves productivity.

It checks that trailers go to the right bay and sends an alert to display screens if an incident occurs.

Software :

Interface with GPIO connector, REST technology web services

Specification :

Distance measurement and detection from 1 to 12 meters, weight 100g (with casing), temperature resistant between -20 to +60oC (under shelter)

Type :

Lidar sensor, laser and infrared optics

Certifications :

Anti UV plastic casing, IP54 rated

Installation :

Screw fixed and magnetic base

Automated number plate reader

Advanced and adaptable

This sensor offers an all-in-one design – it reads and identifies number plates directly, thus avoiding heavy video flows or processing.

It automatically adjusts its settings for optimum performance whatever the light conditions. These settings can be adjusted remotely.

Its waterproof casing (IP67) allows for indoor and outdoor use. The sensor can capture vehicles at speeds of up to 250km/h. The sensor can be orientated in any direction to obtain the best angle of sight thanks to a ball joint. It comes with a power cable which can be used to operate a barrier.

Specification : 

European and North American number plate recognition, detections from 3 to 15.5 meters, weight 1.6kg, temperatures between -40 to +55oC.

Software :

Web interface, CDK (REST technology web services and web socket (SSWS)

Type :

Number plate reader, LED optics & IF/BW filter.

Certifications :

EMC EN 55032, CE marking part 15, CB Scheme, IEC 61000-4

Installation :

Ball joint arm or grip jaw (optional)