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See your transport flow in a whole new light

We provide a connected solution that combines software and hardware to streamline your yard and gate management – trucks, light vehicles and pedestrian movements. Within just a few months, our solution yields positive results, helping customers already save time and money.

An easy-to-follow and effective process

Our solution draws on two key factors


Decision-making across the whole asset routes


Real-time tracking of assets across different warehouses or production sites.

Driver tracking and appointment scheduling

Multi-lingual check-in touchscreen kiosk
Holding area
Digital gate-in process (ID and purpose)

Text message notification for yard gate to dock directions
Monitoring of asset movements, photos, dock departures

Automated gate and check-out, issuance of waybills

Seamless integration with your infrastructure

We offer a customizable solution for your needs, one that is consistent with your dashboards and asset flows etc.
It can be easily tailored to your existing infrastructure (according to layout of electrical sockets and other elements).

Everyone benefits: you, your customers, staff and partners

Quality of service

  • Streamlined inbound and outbound vehicle movements
  • Better communication between drivers and yard staff


  • Improved gate management for in- and outbound truck flows
  • Smart and real-time dock management
  • Contactless mobile app for drivers


  • Logistics operations 20% more profitable
  • Fewer unnecessary asset movements
  • Smoother dock operations


  • Positive impact on wellbeing of staff and subcontractors
  • Less fuel used, fewer greenhouse gas emissions

A better working environment

Our technology will help you optimize the overall operation of your site. Opt for Digital Logistics Services to roll out a social, digital and sustainable transformation.

A range of functionality

Integrated appointment scheduling

Multiple carrier transport plans (downloaded from TMS/WMS or Excel) and appointment confirmations

Automated check-in for vehicles

(trucks, utility and light vehicles) or pedestrians, with ID and appointment checks, safety protocol checks and shuttle mode.

Manual and/or automated check in for each driver with real-time text message notifications or via display screen.

Automated or manual directions for trailers to dock or to hold, real-time management of trailer movements and anomalies (notifications)

Real-time reports, analytics and KPI monitoring

Touchscreen check-out kiosk, CMR waybill print-out and number plate identity checks (tractor + trailer) – optional (depending on function).

Automated gate-in gate-out operation with number plate sensors (tractor and trailer) and/or QR-code scanners (backed up with an intercom or with on-site control system interface).

Real-time statistics or activity reports produced at regular intervals.