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New deployment

D igital Logistic Services signs a new installation on the logistics site of Auchan in Saint-Sauveur near Amiens. The system is composed of 2 touch terminals, 1 waiting screen (“airport” type) to inform delivery drivers in real time, 2 license plate sensors with back-up keypads (for entry and exit), 2 display screens at the dock and finally, several control … Read more

Outlook for 2023

B y Christophe Humbert, President of Digital Logisitic ServicesBigital Logistic Services As the months fly by, Digital Logistic Services continues to grow, adapt and innovate in a highly buoyant market. The effects of the global economic situation are forcing Supply Chain and logistics players to optimize their processes and to find new ways to continue … Read more

Leading glass manufacturer O-I gets equipped

Big name in glass manufacturing, O-I, has now adopted our yard and dock management solution for its plant in Gironcourt, eastern France. It was here some 150 years ago that it all began with a few glass blowers. Today, more than 80 trucks go in and out of the site daily. Our solution is set … Read more